Китайский (кантонский) озвучки

Find the perfect Chinese - Cantonese voice for your voice over project.

Plain speech (??; ??): that’s what speakers of Cantonese call their language, and if you want to do some straight talking to millions of Cantonese speakers then there’s only one language to do it in. Getting a Cantonese voice over from VoiceBunny is straightforward too. Choose the dialect you need according to the geographical area where it is spoken: Guangzhou, Xiguan or Hong Kong. We have local voice actors that will lend your material the local flavour you’re looking for. Now browse through our extensive selection of voice overs and choose the voice that appeals to you most – or simply tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll find the voice talent that you have in mind. As soon as you give us the go-ahead, VoiceBunny gets to work and within hours, you will have the professional Cantonese voice over you want. Millions of Cantonese are waiting to hear your message.

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