Английский (Англия) озвучки

Find the perfect English - England voice for your voice over project.

Welcome to England, one of the most storied and culturally rich countries on the planet. Continuous habitation of England goes back to the last glacial period, some 13,000 years ago. This means the accents across the country have been developing for a very long time. Even though England is small in size, it is big in variety when it comes to accents and dialects. When searching for an English accent voice over, you will want to know which region you want if you aren’t just looking for a neutral accent. From the posh accents from the south and London to the accents up in Liverpool and Manchester, there are plenty to choose from. Thankfully our vast database of professional voice over artists from around the world include plenty from England! Let us know which English accent you need for your voice over and we will provide an authentic, professional voice over for your project.

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