Немецкий (Австрия) озвучки

Find the perfect German - Austria voice for your voice over project.

Vienna: one of the most important and busiest capital cities of Europe. This extraordinary city has its own, unique form Austrian German. It’s known as Viennese German or Weanarish and it’s seen as a unique Bavarian dialect all of its own. Getting a voice over with Viennese flavour means finding a voice artist who knows all the unique expressions that are associated only with Vienna. Luckily, local voice talent abounds on VoiceBunny. We’ve got a variety of Viennese voices to choose from. Talking like a local means getting a local for your voice over, and you’ll have no difficulty in finding a voice over professional to suit your needs with VoiceBunny. Once you’ve selected your voice actor, VoiceBunny springs into action with characteristic speed and efficiency. Within as little as a few hours, you’re in possession of that uniquely Viennese voice over. Professional voice overs are yours at the best prices in the industry – guaranteed! Choose local talent and get perfect results every time.

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