Португальский (Португалия) озвучки

Find the perfect Portuguese - Portugal voice for your voice over project.

Portugal, or the Portuguese Republic, has a history dating back to prehistoric times. It is the westernmost country in mainland Europe and essentially lead the Age of Discovery and the start of European exploration and colonization around the world. The Portuguese language was born in Portugal before spreading to other countries like Brazil, Mozambique, and Angola. With a population of just over ten million, the Portuguese accent is typically overshadowed by the Brazilian-Portuguese accent. For a Brazilian, imitating a proper Portuguese accent is incredibly challenging and should be left to an actual Portuguese person. If you are looking for a Portuguese from Portugal accent for your voice over, we have you covered. Although the accents vary from Lisbon to Porto, everyone from Portugal will know immediately if a Brazilian is trying to put on a Portuguese accent. For your project, hiring a Portuguese voice over artist is the way to go to ensure a quality and genuine recording.

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