Испанский (Аргентина) озвучки

Find the perfect Spanish - Argentina voice for your voice over project.

The ability to speak Spanish and dance the Tango aren’t the only tricks you’ll need if you’d like to get along with the citizens of Buenos Aires. The regional dialect that’s spoken in Buenos Aires even differs from the Spanish that’s spoken in other parts of the country. Conveying your special message to the citizens of this lively capital requires a local voice over. The special brand of Spanish that marks a citizen of Buenos Aires is called Rioplatnese Spanish. It was influenced by Italian immigrants and today, there’s no other regional dialect quite like it. Fortunately, you don’t need to look any further for your voice over in Rioplatnese Spanish. VoiceBunny has 100,000 voice actors from around the world and of course, we have voice actors in Buenos Aires too. Focus on practicing the Tango while we record your voice over. You won’t have time to learn a whole lot of moves – within hours, your perfectly synched voice over arrives. Nothing could be easier!

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